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Success Stories

From our alumni

“My experience with Leadership Blount was invaluable. I learned the ins and outs of all that is going on in our community while at the same time making life-long friends. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn about their community and how you can lead.”

Melissa Nance ‘06
Executive Director
Friends of Literacy, Knoxville

“I had the opportunity and what was a blessing to be a member of the Leadership Blount Class of 1998. We were a class that became exceptionally close and some of those classmates are still my closest friends. Our class became focused on community involvement whether political or as volunteers. And let me say we all took that to heart. Almost every committee or board for our non-profit organizations in Blount County has had or currently has a member of our 1998 Class on it. Also there are members of the class that currently hold Elected Office in Blount County, Alcoa and Maryville Governments.

Many of the class members have been a huge part of the leadership throughout the entire Blount County community over the years.

The chemistry of our class was amazing and it was some of the most fun I have experienced in my life when we were all together. Each member had a positive impact on me and I am eternally grateful to my fellow classmates of the ‘98 Leadership Blount Class.”

Ed Mitchell ‘98
Blount County Mayor