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Leadership Blount Nomination

Thank you for your support of Leadership Blount! After a year-long strategic planning process in 2017, Leadership Blount revamped its core program to introduce a more dynamic, issue-driven curriculum designed to tackle the issues in our county.

Nominations for the Leadership Blount Class of 2024 must be submitted by February 16, 2023. The link to the online application will be sent to your nominee as soon as the nomination is reviewed and approved.

A class of approximately 36 people will be selected by a volunteer committee of alumni from nominations received from the community. The selection process has been reviewed, streamlined, and is now all electronic. Applicants must show either potential for or demonstrated leadership abilities, community involvement, and the desire for expanded leadership responsibility. Selection is based upon the quality and depth of the answers provided in the application. Click here to see the Scoring Rubric used by the selection committee. Click here to see a sample application.

The selection committee will meet in April to review the applications and select the class. Notifications will be made to class members in May and to the public in July.

This class is designed for experienced leaders who are expected to participate through research, group facilitation, and problem solving focusing on our community’s most critical issues. A personal commitment and a class commitment are made to the community for lifelong service. The Leadership Blount core experience does not end with the 10-month program. Participating in the alumni organization is expected and encouraged. Tuition is $1,800.

Please convey to your nominee to carefully consider the commitment of both time and tuition that this dynamic and rewarding program requires.

The online nomination must be completed in its entirety during one session, so we recommend setting aside 5-10 minutes to complete the form. Once the application is started, do not close the window until you see a successful submission notification. Closing the application window before hitting submit will clear the form.

While the form is mobile device compatible, we recommend using a laptop or desktop device to complete the application. We recommend using up-to-date versions of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari for Mac to complete the application. Internet Explorer users may experience difficulties and data loss while attempting to complete the application.

If you need any assistance with completing the online nomination, we will gladly offer our help. Please reach out to our office by emailing [email protected] or calling our office at (865) 984-9368.

*Please note, all fields are required unless otherwise noted

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Nominee Information

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Short Answer

Explain, in 3-5 sentences, why the nominee would be an asset to the LB Core Program

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